Jordan Skills Training Solutions aspires to educate and empower human capital with professional development training. In the 21st century, the global landscape is every changing and employers’ demand skills for competitive advantage. Further, with global viruses, online courses mean protecting yourself by using your laptop, desktop, and/or handheld devices.

Learning is essential and for continuous improvement; life is never static.

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Dr. Jordan is founder and chief training officer, specializing in training and development of soft skills and hard skills. She holds doctorate degree and two masters; is a certified Management, Leadership, and HRM Consultant with certification in International Professional Teacher and Educational Planning Specialist. She has lived in eleven countries, while traveling to thirty-two. She understands the global landscape and the importance of building skills to enhance abilities and capabilities!


To deliver soft skills courses, and services with quality worldwide.


Dr. Jordan

Founder & Chief Training Officer

Dr. Jordan is founder of Center for Global Training, a soft skills training company. She