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“Would you consider a gift of ____?”
“Honestly, I have NO idea how much to ask you for, but I am seeking donation to help with materials (PowerPoint, Handouts, Workbooks, Videos, etc.), travel and booking venues to train people who cannot afford to pay. With your help, I can offer to many FREE courses to others who otherwise could not afford them.

Let me explain how I come to be asking for help! My target market population is the employed wanting credit for professional development for annual performance evaluation review or promotion. However, my focus for FREE courses and seminars is women and college/university graduates needing soft skills (critical thinking, leadership, human resources, decision making, problem solving, etc.).

People said I was generous to a fault, but I had empathy for people trying to help themselves.For the past 17 years, I have worked in higher education at universities online and on campus,locally and globally. Armed with a DBA in International Business and Management; MBA in Marketing and HRM; B.S. in Business Administration, 27 credits in Higher Education Administration; certification in HRM, leadership, and management consulting, I decided to give back to this world in which I live … to stop wasting time feeling sorry for myself.

I created this website to train and educate world citizens, but particularly, women and college graduates as these were the global demographic/population assessed (survey of contacts and friends in the academic and corporate communities.

After identifying skills needed, I created Center for Global Training a blended learning experience of workshops, seminars, and courses to organizations and individual participants online and venue in interactive and collaborate group sessions – NOT the STAND-ALONE classroom. Our workshops and seminars are real-world examples mini scenarios, micro case studies, PowerPoints, handouts, workbooks, videos and affirmations for a “can do” spirit studies rather than vague hypotheses. Here are some of my work!!


Keynote Speaker, Technological University, Delft, The Netherlands

Keynote Speaker, AUL/PIIMT Universities, Rabat, Morocco

St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies – Class of HRM and OB


Board of Directors, Fort Lauderdale
The Honey Project, Ghana

Nathan Burrell, Ex-NBA Football, USA; Dr. Konwufine, Cameroon; and Dr. Santiago, Puerto Rico/USA;
and Dr. Jordan, Global